Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Halloween Night

Here are a few from Halloween night


Ella had so much fun during Halloween. She loved her costume, the red shoes and especially the part that Ani was the lion. She had us all dressed up for the trunk or treat and told us each what to be. Ella-Dorothy, Ani-the lion, mommy-scare crow, daddy (was in Australia), Bobo-tin man, and Grammy JJ-mean witch. I was so busy working the booth, that the only picture I got was of me, Ella and Bobo...sorry. Luckily May's mommy and daddy took some pics for me:) Thanks!

My funny girls

So for my birthday, Alan bought me an iphone...I love it! I can take pictures all the time. Ella's favorite thing to do is lay by Ani and pose for a picture. Anika happed to smile right at the perfect time:)